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Interglobal Builder is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization committed to building an environment of good health, improving education, and contributing to the social wellbeing of the people of Ghana. Our mission is to place international volunteers in a meaningful position that is responsive to the needs of our local communities. We believe that housing our volunteers with host families enriches cross-cultural understanding between Ghanaians and Westerners, and ultimately leads to a better experience during your stay in Ghana.

As the only Ghanaian-based volunteer organization for people living outside Ghana, all monies paid to Interglobal Builder remain in Ghana, and more of that money is dedicated to local projects instead of supporting costly, international offices in the developed world. Interglobal Builder’s membership is comprised of our local field-office staff, host families, project stakeholders, our network of volunteer international alumni, and, of course, our volunteers on the ground. Our staff works directly with you to facilitate your integration into the community, including with your host family, your project site, and your fellow volunteers.

As a not-for-profit organization, Interglobal Builder is directly accountable to the Ghanaian government. Our international network of former in-country volunteers believes strongly in our mission, and many continue to contribute by assisting in our recruitment efforts after they return home.

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