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Teaching Volunteering Projects in Ghana

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


The Ghana Education Service lack teachers and are in the need of teachers, therefore, you don't have to be a teacher to volunteer teaching in Ghanaian schools. you have to get some level of education at least High school qualification . You don't even need to speak the local language where you are going. The program is open to all volunteers whether you are on a gap year, at university or wanting a career break. All we require is a good standard of spoken English and some level of education.

You will find a warm welcome awaits you amongst our students around the communities . Often their few local teachers are very capable at teaching the structural aspects of the English language - such as the grammar - but do not use the correct intonation or pronunciation, because they lack the confidence of a native speaker. By providing Conversational English teaching you can greatly enhance the learning experience and the future prospects of thousands of children and adults with whom we work in Africa Contact Us

Often you will find that all you have is a blackboard and a piece of chalk in the classroom. Fortunately the main resource you have is yourself. The students will want to find out about you. They will want to know why you have chosen to come and teach in a school in Ghana. Lots of the lessons will give you the opportunity to explain about where you live or your interests and hobbies at home.

The amount of timetabled English lessons and other subjects per week that you will teach varies depending on the country and even the individual schools. In some countries you will be expected to be at school during the entire working day, but you may just teach two or three classes, in other cases you may just teach in the morning for example. You will also need to take time to prepare your lessons and you may often be asked to mark students' work. Many volunteers choose to help out in other areas too, taking students for extra-curricular activities like, sport, drama or music lessons for example.

Once you have applied the Desk Officer in Ghana will get in touch with you to find out more about you, ask for your CV and explain more about teaching in the school or orphanage you will be joining. Before you leave we will send you a comprehensive teaching guide with ideas, teaching games and advice. It includes tried and tested teaching resources, and takes you through beginners and intermediate lessons.

It is a good idea to bring some of your own resources too, whether it is pictures of your friends and family or some postcards of where you live. Another great aspect of a experience is being able to sit down with other volunteers and share ideas of what works best in the classroom. Before you know it your great lesson plan will be being repeated in classrooms across the community where you are based.

Teach French Language in schools in Ghana as the country is French speaking countries as its neighbors, if you are a French speaker you will be welcomed into schools and universities to share your knowledge as the French is now the mandated 2nd international language of Ghana. There is often a shortage of French teachers to work in schools in the country. You may work alongside local teachers or you could end up teaching your own class. Volunteers will do a combination helping to teach some English and some French.

The facilities where you work are often basic but the students will be keen to meet you and find out about you. Once you have applied the desk officer in the country will get in touch with you to find out more about your preferences and give you more details about the school where you will be working. It is best to bring some of your own resources whether it is pictures of your friends and family or some postcards of where you live. You have a real opportunity to introduce French to students in Ghana, Africa.

Be a information communication technology(I.C.T) teacher in a school in Ghana. technology is now the order of the day and as the world is becoming a global village, be a helper of the students in Ghana with your knowledge about I.C.T. Teaching - teaching sports, drama, music and other subjects. Contact us or Apply today

Care Volunteering

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Voluntary Care work is one of the most worthwhile activities you can get involved in, whether it is in a developed or a developing country. Throughout the world, there are children who are orphaned or neglected, and in need of love, care and affection. Care placements are a chance for volunteers on a gap year or career break to really make a difference to children who would otherwise have little or no mental stimulation in their lives.

People are often unaware of the impact they can have on another person's life, with even the smallest gesture. Spending as little as one month working in an orphanage or care center, a volunteer can have a big significant and positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children.

Care volunteers don't need to have specific qualifications or have had previous experience, although we will ask for your CV to find out more about you. The only qualities that the volunteer needs to possess are compassion for fellow human beings and a desire to improve the lives of those with domestic or physical circumstances less fortunate than their own.

Click to contact us about volunteering overseas on a Care project.


Voluntary Care work in Orphanages with InterGlobal Builder

As a Care volunteer working with children in orphanages, you would be helping the kids to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach. By getting involved in the day-to-day running of an orphanage - making sure children are fed, washed and dressed, and paying them personal attention - you will be making a really positive impact on their lives.

There is always scope for any talents or interests you may have to be utilized. Arts & Crafts or Music are always popular activities and many care placements have outside areas where sports and games can be played. Many volunteers also help to educate the children in personal hygiene and social skills.

Opportunities exist in some orphanages for our volunteers to be more involved on the training' or health side of care work. It may be you can spend your afternoon helping the older children with their homework on their return from school, or if you have the relevant skills you can administer first aid to any children in need. The work volunteers do can be challenging at times but the strength and resilience of the children will inspire you to persevere.

Your day may start early to help get the children up and give them breakfast, however, you will probably finish early too or have several hours off at lunchtime before returning to play with the children in the afternoon. Many volunteers like to take some of the children out on a trip from time to time. An afternoon at the beach or walking round the market can be a revelation for some of the children, who rarely get the chance to travel more than a few miles away from their homes.


Volunteering on a Social Work project as a qualified social worker

There is also scope to volunteer as a professional and put your skills to use. Our main focus is to match your skills with our partner organization needs. Please for professionals Contact us or Apply today


Voluntary Care Work Abroad with People who have Disabilities or Conditions

Volunteers work within a number of care homes with people with physical or mental disabilities such as AIDS hospices and schools for the handicapped, the blind or the deaf. Conditions are often basic and staff heavily overworked. Volunteers are desperately needed to provide another pair of hands, helping some of society's most vulnerable people to lead a full and rewarding life.

Volunteers assist in improving the children's competence and awareness in social areas, such as understanding and following the rules of society, adjusting their behavior to the situation, problem solving and understanding others. Helping the children in these areas is vital in order to give them the best chance of living independently in the future.

Whilst a volunteer's impact will be beneficial to the placement, in turn the placement will often prove to be beneficial to the volunteer. Having responsibility for others and developing personal relationships in a new cultural setting, has been shown time and time again to develop individuals. In our supportive role, Interglobal Builder staff are used to seeing volunteers returning home with more self-confidence and a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Volunteering Abroad in Day Care Centers, Care Homes and with Street Children

Volunteering in a care centre, you will be working with children of different ages. You will help with a variety of activities such as art, games and songs, and assist local staff to develop stimulating new ideas to interest young children in learning. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way towards building a child's self esteem and confidence.

Volunteers can get involved in working with street children in a number of our destinations. You could help to prepare free meals, provide personal hygiene advice, teach literacy skills, or possibly take the children to the beach for the day; giving them a much needed break their daily routine of begging on the streets. Contact us or Apply today

Veterinary Medicine

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Do you have a passion for working with animals, in the field of Veterinary Medicine, then our voluntary projects are a perfect way for you to gain some knowledge or put your skills into practice, with some work experience in Ghana.

You can volunteer whether you are on a gap year from your education, on a career break, or as part your extended holiday. No matter what your age or experience we have a placement for you!

Attitudes to animals in Africa are different from those in the developed world, for different of reasons.

In poorer societies a great deal of dependence is placed on many types of animals for the completion of necessary tasks.

A dog might be 'man's best friend', and considered another member of the family by a family in the First World, but it is hard to feel affection and empathy for such an animal when you live below the poverty line and struggle to feed your children. In many developing countries there is a much higher incident rate of animal neglect, and therefore also a great need for volunteer help.

Working as a volunteer on a Veterinary Medicine with InterGlobal Builder, you will gain some fantastic work experience which would simply not be possible in your own country. To start with you are likely to see many exciting types of animals, that will you only find in Africa, big cats or even elephants! Volunteers will also get to see cases that have been virtually eliminated in the developed country, such as rabies, and you will develop a better understanding of the problems that people are faced with in both urban and rural areas of Ghana.

Work as a Veterinary Medicine volunteer you will be given a placement supervisor who is responsible for giving you a full and varied flavor of the kind of work done by people in this field. You will shadow local professionals and will gain experience which befits your level of experience. You will be able to ask questions and learn from your local colleagues.

You may work in a vet clinic, and your work is likely to involve going out on visits in the local community. vaccinating farm animals in Ghanaian communities , you will gain some fantastic experience which will help you in future job interviews and practices as a Vet , whilst also making a big difference to the lives of the animals and people you work with. Contact Us or Apply

Medical Volunteering

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Volunteering overseas on a Medicine project is an ideal way to help better the health life of the people of Ghana in Africa, you also gain work experience whilst often in the developing country. Whether, you are looking to get on to a university course, a trained professional, or somewhere in-between, you will have a role to play in one of the hospitals, clinics and centers that we work with. Each placement is tailored, where possible, both to a volunteer's level of experience and their interests.

As a Medicine volunteer, you are sure to see the huge gulf between the standards of medical practice in the developed and developing worlds. Hospitals are often very inadequately resourced, medical staff underpaid, and funds to pay for routine medical treatment means the patients you see will often have advanced illnesses and conditions that you will rarely see in Africa Ghana.

There may also be opportunities to learn skills and knowledge from more senior medical volunteers. Once learnt, you may be able to use these during your placement and so contribute more towards patient care.

Pre-University Volunteers - You will be involved in the day-to-day running of hospitals and clinics, observing or directly assisting doctors and nurses. You might find yourself, for example, watching a caesarean in the operating theater, or working with a doctor on his rounds in a big city hospital. You can help out in simple but practical ways, vastly increasing your own knowledge and understanding of medical practice.

Medical Student Volunteers - You are likely to be given increasing responsibility depending on your training and experience. You may be expected to have a more active role in patient care. There are normally opportunities to observe surgeries and other procedures. You will be able to explore the healthcare service of the country you choose and compare it with what you have already experienced. Contact us or Apply

Public Health Project in Ghana

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Volunteers who wish to specialize in the community outreach in Ghana Medicine & Healthcare programs can join a full time Public Health project. Whether you are on a gap year hoping to study medicine at university, a summer placement, or you already have some medical experience, you can make a big difference to local children and adults who would often struggle to access healthcare or afford the treatments without our outreach program.

The Public Health project is based in and around the city of Kumasi in the center of Ghana. Volunteers live with a local Ghanaian host family, who will welcome you into their home and introduce you to the Ghanaian culture.


Voluntary Public Health Placements in Ghana

Volunteers work alongside a local healthcare professional who will train you in the various screening and testing procedures where possible. Volunteers are involved in the following types of work:

  • General health testing (e.g. blood sugar levels, body mass index, blood pressure)
  • Eye screening
  • Testing for hepatitis
  • Testing for diabetics
  • Minor wound and skin treatments
  • Malaria testing and treatment
  • Educational talks on general health issues (e.g. hygiene and first aid)


The public health outreach program takes place in orphanages, schools, churches, villages and community centers. Volunteers usually work from Monday to Friday and have the weekends free to relax or travel. Contact us or Apply today

Building Project

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Whether you are on a gap year, summer placement or career break, if you want to get your hands dirty and see physical results from your placement overseas, our Community Building Project may suit you.

You will join a team of InterGlobal Builder volunteers and local people constructing and renovating simple buildings in Ghanaian local communities.

Within many areas of Ghana thousands of families live in inadequate accommodation. In some area there are no structures to be use as clinics or hospital and children go to school in crumbling buildings. Our building project allows them to move to new, better-quality homes and for children to receive an education in secure, new classrooms and clinics or hospitals.

The buildings are usually made from mud bricks and cement Blocks . Volunteers help with the manufacturing of the bricks and blocks and also with building the walls, plastering and painting the houses and schools. Each building takes an average of one month to construct. In addition to the basic project, you may also help with landscaping the surrounding area, painting local schools and renovating classrooms in schools already built.

By working with local people who will ultimately benefit from the buildings, this is a great opportunity to get involved in a rural project and become an integral part of an African community. Our staff will visit the projects and placements regularly so you'll always have full support and interact with InterGlobal Builder.

Building work takes place in the morning to avoid the hot midday sun, so you'll have plenty of time to get involved in Ghanaian life. Many volunteers get involved within the local community by helping in the kindergarten class, or playing football with some of the school children once the building work has finished for the day.

This project is available for two weeks if you don't have time to join us for a month or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for short term volunteering for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain a valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone volunteering for a longer period. Contact us or Apply today

Sports Project

(Projects for Gap year, Internship and Holidays)


Are you interested in Sports, are you an aspiring coach or a qualified coach, do you want to help develop sports in Africa then we have a placement for you especially the lesser known sports.

Each of our volunteer Sports projects share the following aims:

  • Fostering of local sporting talent - through provision of quality coaches and support for our volunteer trainee coaches.
  • Development of the wider communities in which we work - through the offering of alternatives to young people from impoverished areas.
  • Inclusion - making sport available to all in friendly environment. As a volunteer on an Interglobal Builder Sports Project you will be helping with all these aspects of development whilst working with some of the most enthusiastic people in some of the poorest communities in the Africa.


Your Role Volunteering Abroad on a Sports Project

Whatever sports placement you decide is right for you: football in Ghana, we can help you make the best of your time. You could be learning more about your sport in the morning and organizing a match in the afternoon. Volunteer coaches are responsible for helping in the organization of all aspects of sporting provision, from setting up training drills and fitness sessions, to coaching teams in competitive games.

Through well established relationships with local teams and clubs, and carefully structured sports placements we are able to assist volunteers regardless of coaching experience. Whatever your interests we can find the right Sports project for you!

Once you have applied the Desk Officer in your destination country will get in touch with you to find out more about you, ask for your CV and explain more about the sports options in the country you will be joining. Contact us or Apply today

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